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Cassandra Stout is a freelance author with two bachelors’ degrees in Journalism and Creative Writing and 14+ years of proofreading experience.

She is also the author of Committed, a novel-length memoir detailing her experience committing herself in a mental hospital after a postpartum psychotic break, and appeared in the anthology How the Light Gets In with one of her many short memoir pieces.

A frequent contributor for the International Bipolar Foundation, Cassandra blogs at the award-winning The Bipolar Parent, a comprehensive resource for parents with mental illnesses–like herself–and their loved ones.

As a four-time finalist and former literary judge of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association annual literary contest for 10 years, Cassandra constantly looks for opportunities to improve her skills. Honing her craft in a fun way, Cassandra published over 850,000 words of fanfiction on Archive of Our Own in 18 months. 

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