Dans les souliers d’un bipolaire // In the shoes of a bipolar

Stephane, of Espoir Bipolaire, a new French blog, has kindly shared a guest post with us titled “In the Shoes of a Bipolar.” Stephane is translating some of the Bipolar Parent’s posts into French, such as 4 Ways to Educate Someone About Mental Illnesses. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the English translation!

Author: Cassandra Stout

Freelance writer Cassandra Stout blogs weekly at the award-winning Bipolar Parent, a comprehensive resource for parents with mental illnesses. She also blogs monthly at the International Bipolar Foundation website (IPBF.org). Her work has been published in the anthology, How the Light Gets In. Cassandra holds degrees from the University of Arizona in Creative Writing and Journalism. She has been a judge for the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association literary contest for nine years, where her memoir, Committed, recently placed as a finalist. She balances her literary work with raising her children, feeding her cat, and managing her bipolar disorder.

3 thoughts on “Dans les souliers d’un bipolaire // In the shoes of a bipolar”

  1. Wow, mon amie, very nice! I used to work for a French couple and I learned the word “amie” for friend, and “Je suis fatigue” for I’m tired!!I’m so happy some of your posts are being translated for Espoir Bipolaire, – I told you they rock, didn’t I? 😉

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