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The Future of the Bipolar Parent: What Are You Interested In?

As a blogger, I’m interested in what my readers want. I’d like to cater to your interests. I’m curious to see which direction you think the Bipolar Parent should take, so I’ve created a poll to try and narrow down which posts you’re personally looking for. Please take the time to answer the poll, and, if you’re feeling inspired, leave a comment to explain your choice. The poll will be open forever. Thank you!

ETA: I just noticed that the poll code didn’t work, so I’ve replaced the code with something that hopefully will. Thanks for your patience with our technical difficulties!

ETA2: I apologize, but I’ve found I cannot make a poll without JavaScript, which WordPress does not support in free accounts. Looks like this experiment was a bust! If you’re interested, please comment on what you’d like to see out of the Bipolar Parent: Scientific Articles, Personal Experience, Advice, Guest Posts, or All of the Above. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “The Future of the Bipolar Parent: What Are You Interested In?

  1. Honestly, I’d like all of the above—a mix! I really like the categories you chose, too, as they’re all relevant. I struggle a lot with insomnia and nutrition so I wouldn’t say no to any posts that focus on those topics! 😊


      1. I’m so glad to be back after my blogosphere hiatus, especially here, Cass!

        When it comes to nutrition, I’ve read there’s often a comorbidity of bipolar & compulsive overeating. (I’m not sure if I wrote that correctly, but you know what I mean!)

        Unfortunately, compulsive overeating is what I do late at night and I’m almost hopeless that I’ll ever get it under control.

        I can’t blame my meds (still lithium and the MAOI Parnate) for weight gain. They are innocent! 😉

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        1. I didn’t know about that, but it makes sense! I wouldn’t call lithium entirely innocent when it comes to weight gain; the medication is notorious for helping people pack on the pounds! I’ll do some research and come back with a post on the topic. Thanks for inspiring me!


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