Hiatus Announcement for The Bipolar Parent

It’s time for me to take a break.

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Blogger Cassandra Stout. Protected under a Creative Commons license.

I’ve been burned out with family responsibilities and dealing with some intense conversations in therapy, and my blog has suffered for it. You may have noticed a dip in quality, for which I apologize for. I’ve only written a single post in the past six weeks. In short, while I have the motivation to blog, as I don’t want to disappoint you guys, my readership, I have lost the inspiration. I don’t want to churn out low-quality posts just to have something up on Fridays, so it is with a heavy heart that I’m announcing a hiatus until the first Friday in September, 2019. I promise to start blogging again then, and to give you the level of detail and quality you expect from The Bipolar Parent.

Thanks so much for being here with me. Until September.

-Cassandra Stout

Author: Cassandra Stout

Freelance writer Cassandra Stout blogs weekly at the award-winning Bipolar Parent, a comprehensive resource for parents with mental illnesses. She also blogs monthly at the International Bipolar Foundation website (IPBF.org). Her work has been published in the anthology, How the Light Gets In. Cassandra holds degrees from the University of Arizona in Creative Writing and Journalism. She has been a judge for the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association literary contest for nine years, where her memoir, Committed, recently placed as a finalist. She balances her literary work with raising her children, feeding her cat, and managing her bipolar disorder.

3 thoughts on “Hiatus Announcement for The Bipolar Parent”

  1. Something “told” me to come over here and see how you are since I miss you! And you’re going on break, LOL! Please keep in touch with me. I’m still off Twitter & Facebook (although I have a Facebook account to belong to groups) but I re-joinedd Instagram, in case you’re there I’m sending you a huge hug, Cass! Thinking of you lots! XOXOX p.s. taking a break is a great idea!

    1. Dearest Dyane,
      Thank you so much for checking in on me! I’m so happy you did! I am not on Instagram, or Twitter much, or Facebook, except to automatically post links to my blog entries there–I know, I know, shame on me for not being engaged. But I will try to keep in touch with you via email or comments or other means. I’ve been thinking of you lately, so maybe that’s what “told” you to come! Thanks again for the well wishes, and I hope you’re doing all right! Take care of yourself!


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