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The Bipolar Parent’s Master Link List

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Updated: June 3rd, 2022.

Why, hello, there! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Cassandra Stout.

I have lived with and managed my bipolar I disorder for almost a decade and a half, having suffered a postpartum psychotic break and crippling postpartum depression.

Recovery was a long and winding road, but I can happily say that I have been stable for several years.

On this blog, I offer advice based on personal experiences, hoping to share to better your life by encouraging you to manage your mental health.

I have advice for you on topics ranging from how to identify and manage manic and depressive episodes to how to shield your children from the effects of your bipolar disorder to how to accomplish your to-do list during a depressive episode–and a lot more.

I hope you like your stay here. Here is the Master Link list to almost all of my posts. Enjoy the site, and thanks for stopping by!

  1. Disclosing Your Mental Illness Masterpost: How, When, and to Whom
  2. What is Bipolar Disorder? A Crash Course by the Bipolar Parent
  3. My Experiences with Mixed Mood States and How I Handle Them
  4. World Bipolar Day – Time to Take Charge of Your Mental Health
  5. Why Hyperfocus Can be a Form of Self-Harm
  6. A Letter to Myself to Read When I’m Feeling Low or Suicidal
  7. Top Tips for Keeping Friends Even with a Mental Illness
  8. How to Make Friends During a Pandemic Even with Your Mental Illness
  9. Tips to Manage Romantic Relationships with Bipolar Disorder
  10. A Thank You Letter to My Husband for Helping me Manage my Bipolar Disorder
  11. 10 More Frugal, Easy Self-care Ideas to Treat Depression from The Bipolar Parent
  12. New Year, New Me, New Ways to Manage My Bipolar Disorder
  13. Bipolar Mania and My Need to Craft
  14. My Advice to a Relative Facing a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis — And What This Diagnosis Really Means
  15. How and Why to Create a Routine with Bipolar Disorder
  16. 5 Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder
  17. 5 Tips to Make (and Keep!) New Year’s Resolutions with a Mental Illness
  18. How and Why to Learn Impulse Control
  19. Top Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Bipolar Disorder
  20. 5 Things I Wish Someone had Told Me When I was Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder
  21. The Link Between Bipolar Disorder and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)
  22. 6 Easy, Frugal Self-Care Strategies for Busy Parents
  23. How to Handle This Thanksgiving with Bipolar Disorder by Setting Healthy Boundaries
  24. How to Plan a Holiday Party with Bipolar Disorder
  25. My Top 8 Personal Needs During a Bipolar Depressive Episode
  26. 12 Frugal, Easy Self-care Ideas to Treat Depression from The Bipolar Parent
  27. When and Why to Seek Out Professional Help
  28. 4 Times You Should Call Your Doctor to Save Yourself from a Bipolar Depressive Episode
  29. National Recovery Month – A Guide to Depression Recovery Through Self-Care, part 2
  30. National Recovery Month – A Guide to Depression Recovery Through Self-Care, part 1
  31. 10 Self-Care Ideas for People Suffering from Bipolar Disorder
  32. What My Experience Being Suicidal Taught Me — and What It Can Teach You, Too
  33. Tips For Managing Romantic Relationships if You have Bipolar Disorder
  34. How to Support Someone Who Has Experienced the Death of a Loved One by Suicide
  35. How to Make a Mental Health Crisis Plan
  36. 10 Frugal Gifts for People Who Suffer from Anxiety
  37. The Bipolar Parent’s International Crisis Hotline Numbers Master Post
  38. How Alcohol Complicates Bipolar Disorder
  39. October 21st: National Check Your Meds Day
  40. Child Abuse Prevention: 4 Crucial Tips for Parenting With Depression
  41. What is the Link Between Stress and Bipolar Disorder?
  42. How Mental Illness Affects Police Shooting Fatalities
  43. #BipolarBrave: How I Became Comfortable Sharing my Bipolar Diagnosis
  44. 100 Doable Self-care Ideas for When You’re Suffering from Depression
  45. 7 Types of Self-Care for Mental Health
  46. National PTSD Awareness Day: What is PTSD?
  47. Father’s Day: Why the Mental Health of New Fathers Matters
  48. Men’s Health Week: Bipolar Disorder in Men
  49. How to Find Motivation to Clean During a Bipolar Depressive Episode
  50. Self-Discovery Month: Looking Back on My Diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder
  51. National Maternal Depression Month: 9 Tips for Coping with Postpartum Depression
  52. 8 Easy, Frugal Self-Care Tips for a Bad Mental Health Day
  53. What Does Mother’s Day Mean for Your Mental Health?
  54. National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day: 5 Ways to Support Your Child with Bipolar Disorder
  55. 7 Frugal, Proven Ways to Destress While Stuck at Home Due to Coronavirus
  56. Self-Care Ideas for Parents Stuck at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  57. How to Make Time for Self-Care as a Parent During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  58. How to Manage Being Stuck at Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic as a Parent with Bipolar Disorder
  59. Celebrate World Bipolar Day by Taking Control of Your Mental Illness
  60. COVID-19: 7 Ways to Combat Anxiety about the Coronavirus
  61. How to Address Behaviors of a Friend or Loved One with Bipolar Disorder
  62. Self-harm Awareness Month: How to Spot Self-Injury in Your Teen
  63. 6 Steps to Become Your Own Mental Health Advocate
  64. The Truth About Eating Disorders and Bipolar Disorder
  65. When to Disclose Your Mental Illness to Your Dates
  66. 5 Ways to Celebrate National Random Act of Kindness Day
  67. How Depression Interferes with Getting Things Done (GTD)
  68. 3 Easy Steps to Declutter Your House with Depression
  69. How to Break Tasks Down into Bite-Sized Pieces when You Have Depression
  70. Mental Wellness Month: How to Look After Yourself in the New Year
  71. Ring in the New Year By Writing Yourself a Mental Health Vision Statement
  72. 9 Things I Learned in the Mental Hospital
  73. Last-Minute, Frugal Gift Guide for People Suffering from Depression
  74. Have Bipolar? You Can Still Thrive This Holiday Season
  75. How to Manage the Winter Blues/Seasonal Affective Disorder
  76. The Bipolar Parent’s Saturday Morning Mental Health Check In: How Are You?
  77. 11 Lessons I Learned From 11 Years of Managing Bipolar Disorder
  78. How to Support a Friend or Loved One Staying in a Psychiatric Hospital
  79. Dear Younger Me: You’re Bipolar, and That’s Okay
  80. Crisis Hotline Numbers and Resources Master Post
  81. What is a Warmline, and How Do You Use Them?
  82. Tips and Resources for Online Support Groups
  83. Getting Support During a Bipolar Depression Episode
  84. How to Communicate with Family During the Holidays When You Have a Mental Illness
  85. 10 Signs That You Are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  86. Book Review: Balancing Act: Writing Through a Bipolar Life, by Kitt O’Malley
  87. Can a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet Improve Depression?
  88. How to Start Seeing a Therapist
  89. Easing Anxiety About the End of the World: 4 Steps to Combat Climate Change
  90. How to Shield Your Children From the Effects of Your Bipolar Disorder
  91. Bipolar Disorder and Insomnia–And What to do About Sleep Disturbances
  92. Common Pitfalls When Communicating With Your Kids About Your Bipolar Disorder, part II
  93. Common Pitfalls When Communicating With Your Kids About Your Bipolar Disorder, part I
  94. Does Inflammation Cause Bipolar Disorder?
  95. National Depression Awareness Month: My Experience and How to Get Support
  96. National Prevention Week: How I Prevent Oncoming Bipolar Mood Episodes
  97. Book Review: Breakdown: A Clinician’s Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry
  98. Shot Through the Heart, and Bipolar Disorder’s to Blame: You Have a Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease if You’re Bipolar
  99. How Does Spoon Theory Relate to Mental Illness?
  100. Are You White? You Have a Better Chance of Being Properly Treated for Bipolar Disorder
  101. KonMari Revisited: A Review of the KonMari Method in Tackling the Clutter Demon With Bipolar Disorder
  102. How to Manage Common Bipolar Triggers
  103. How to Survive a Stint in the Mental Hospital
  104. How to Talk to Someone Experiencing a Bipolar Mood Episode
  105. How to Spot Bipolar Disorder in Teens and What to do About it
  106. What Are the Differences Between Bipolar in Children and Bipolar in Adults?
  107. How to Spot Depression in Children, Even Preschoolers
  108. How Sugar May Harm Your Mental Health
  109. America has Highest Rate of Bipolar Disorder Diagnoses in 11-Nation Study
  110. A Quarter of People with Fibromyalgia Show Bipolar Symptoms
  111. Bipolar Disorder Medication and Weight Gain
  112. How to Treat Common Side Effects of Bipolar Medication
  113. How to Clean Your House with Bipolar Disorder and a Toddler, part II
  114. How to Clean Your House with Bipolar Disorder and a Toddler, part I
  115. How to Follow a Mediterranean Diet to Help Manage Bipolar Depression
  116. What is Hypergraphia, and How Does It Relate to Bipolar Disorder?
  117. My Manifestations of Bipolar Mania: Crafting and Frugality
  118. Tackling the Clutter Demon with Bipolar Disorder
  119. Book Review: Dyane Harwood’s Birth of a New Brain
  120. Good, Good, Good Nutrition, Part II: Foods to Avoid When Managing Bipolar Disorder
  121. Good, Good, Good Nutrition, part I: Foods to Eat to Help Manage Bipolar Disorder
  122. Bipolar Disorder Manifests Differently in People Who Binge Eat
  123. Family Study Emphasizes Distinct Origins for Bipolar Disorder Subtypes
  124. Interview With My Parents: On Raising a Bipolar Child
  125. People With Bipolar Disorder More Likely to Die From Age-Related Diseases
  126. Bipolar Disorder Diagnosable By a 15-minute Electrocardiogram, Study Finds
  127. Book Review: Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice From My Bipolar Life
  128. 22 Easy Meals to Make While Depressed
  129. Dealing With Mental Illness Privilege Guilt
  130. Left-handed People Require Different Mental Health Treatments, Study Finds
  131. Gene Breakthrough on Lithium Treatment for Bipolar Disorder
  132. Light Therapy Helps Bipolar Disorder Patients Function
  133. Brain Protein Targeted to Develop New Bipolar Disorder Therapies
  134. Pot Smoking in Teens Linked to Bipolar Symptoms
  135. Children with Bipolar Disorder May Be Diagnosed with Vitamin D Blood Test In the Future
  136. Bipolar Patients Treated with Lithium Rehospitalized Less
  137. Scientists Conclude After 12-year Study That Bipolar Disorder Has Seven Causes
  138. Treatable Condition Could be Mistaken for Bipolar Disorder
  139. People with a Family History of Bipolar Disorder Have Reduced Planning Ability
  140. People At-Risk for Bipolar Disorder May Age Faster
  141. Men and Women Differ When it Comes to Bipolar Biomarkers
  142. Researchers Create Global Map of How Bipolar Disorder Affects the Brain
  143. AI Used for Blowing Pilots Out of the Sky Helps Bipolar Patients
  144. Bipolar? Your Brain is Wired to Make Poor Decisions
  145. Six-Year Delay Between Onset of Bipolar Disorder and Diagnosis, Study Finds
  146. Molecular Mechanism Behind Lithium’s Effectiveness Identified
  147. Children at High Risk for Bipolar Disorder Genetically Vulnerable to Stress
  148. Hippocampus Volume Decreases Linked to Bipolar Disorder
  149. Depression Changes Our Language
  150. Bipolar Genes Linked to Autism
  151. Genes Linked to Creativity Could Increase Risk of Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia
  152. Bipolar Disorder Increases Risk of Early Death From Natural Causes
  153. How to Handle Intrusive Thoughts
  154. What Does High Functioning Depression Look Like?
  155. Which Mental Health Professional Should You Use?
  156. The History of the Treatment of Mental Illness
  157. Can Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Contribute to Hoarding?
  158. Bipolar? You Can Survive This Holiday Season, part II
  159. Bipolar? You Can Survive This Holiday Season, part I
  160. New Research Pinpoints Bipolar Disorder Gene
  161. What Types of Therapies Are Right For You?
  162. How to Get a Psychiatric Evaluation
  163. Disclosing That You Have a Mental Illness, part IV: Your Employer
  164. Disclosing That You Have a Mental Illness, part III: Friends and Family
  165. Disclosing That You Have a Mental Illness, part II: How
  166. Disclosing That You Have a Mental Illness, part I: When
  167. Bipolar Patients More Than Twice As Likely to Have Suffered Childhood Adversity
  168. Scientists Predict Who Will Respond to Lithium
  169. What to do if Your Child has Bipolar Disorder
  170. Bipolar Disorder in Children
  171. How to Apply for Disability Benefits for Mental Disorders
  172. Antibiotics Linked to Manic Episodes
  173. Why Should You Chart Your Moods if You Have Bipolar Disorder?
  174. Bipolar Disorder is Toxic–Literally
  175. Antibodies That Cause Encephalitis Linked to Psychosis
  176. Can Blueberry Extract Help Prevent Postpartum Blues?
  177. Substance Abuse and Bipolar Disorder
  178. Bipolar Disorder in Women
  179. App to Detect Onset of Mania In Development by Sane Australia
  180. What to do if You Run Out of Medication
  181. 4 Ways to Educate Someone About Mental Illness
  182. The History of Bipolar Disorder
  183. Mental Illness in the Media–An Incomplete Picture
  184. 5 Ways to Cope with a Diagnosis of Mental Illness
  185. 8 Myths About Mental Illness
  186. Learned Behaviors: Passing on Coping Mechanisms
  187. Nature vs. Nurture: The Causes of Bipolar Disorder
  188. What is Bipolar Disorder?
  189. 6 Strategies for Parenting with a Mental Illness
  190. How to Talk To Your Kids About Mental Illness
  191. The Price of Mental Health
  192. What is Postpartum Psychosis?
  193. How Mental Health Affects Personal Hygiene
  194. The Prevalence of “Nuts”
  195. “How Do You Define Mentally Ill?”
  196. Pregnant While Bipolar
  197. Executive Function and Bipolar Disorder
  198. Safe Medications to Take While Breastfeeding
  199. Stabilizing Medications: Risperidone and Wellbutrin
  200. What is Bipolar Depression?
  201. Bipolar and Suicidal? You’re Not Alone
  202. The Gold Standards of Bipolar Medication, part II
  203. The Gold Standards of Bipolar Medication, part I
  204. Are You “Covering” For Your Illnesses?
  205. How to Clean When Your Brain is a Mess, part III
  206. How to Clean When Your Brain is a Mess, part II
  207. How to Clean Your House When Your Brain is a Mess, part I
  208. How Privilege Affects Mental Healthcare
  209. How to Get Your Much-Needed Forty Winks
  210. How to Work Out with a 40-pound Parasite Clinging to Your Leg
  211. Bipolar? Exercise Will Change Your Life
  212. Good, Good, Good, Good Nutrition!
  213. Why Medicinal Weight Gain is Devastating to the Mentally Ill
  214. What is Cyclothymia?
  215. The Importance of Team You, Part V
  216. The Importance of Team You, Part IV
  217. The Importance of Team You, Part III
  218. The Importance of Team You, Part II
  219. The Importance of Team You, part I
  220. A Breath of Fresh Air: Deep Breathing Techniques
  221. A Beautiful Mind
  222. Hypomania: A Closer Look
  223. What is Hypomania?
  224. What is Mania?