About Me

Hi! My name’s Cassandra Stout. I was born in Arizona, and lived there through college where I met my first boyfriend. We eloped one day after we both graduated and moved fourteen hundred miles from home to settle in Seattle for his job. I promptly fell pregnant, had a baby, and then suffered a psychotic breakdown, which required treatment in a mental institution.

It took me four years to claw my way out of the pit that is postpartum depression and learn how to manage my newly diagnosed bipolar disorder. Now, my beautiful, healthy son is in school, growing like a weed. I have had a second child, a daughter, with no ill effects. I am using my time that I don’t spend with my kids to write, write, write–most notably on my blog, The Bipolar Parent, and my memoir, Committed.

I am also a member of the Seattle Scribblers, a five-person critique group. I have been a judge of the annual literary contest held by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association for nine years, where my memoir placed as a finalist. My interests run the gamut from cheesy bodice rippers to feminist theory, and from neuroscience to DIY crafts.

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