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Medical Disclaimer

Even before I had a label for my mental illness, I was fascinated with the medical field.  I read psychiatric journals for fun, and memorized Latin language roots in my spare time.  I even worked as a certified nurses’ assistant on my way to a nursing degree–work which was interrupted  by my first pregnancy.

Shortly after the birth of my son, I was diagnosed with Bipolar I with mixed episodes and psychotic features. Afterwards, I threw myself into research, trying to manage my dramatically-increased symptoms. I have met with two different therapists over five years, switched psychiatrists six times (they kepy moving offices), and consulted with nutritionists.

However, I am not an expert on anyone’s health but my own. As such, I am unqualified to offer medical advice or professional opinions as a:

  • physician
  • psychiatrist
  • psychologist
  • counselor
  • nutritionist
  • lactation consultant
  • personal trainer
  • lawyer
  • nurse practitioner

All of my writing is based on my research and experiences. For your own safety, please consult with one of the experts in the above list if you plan to adopt any of the practices I write about. In addition, the information provided on this website should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit the Contact Us page.

Content & Permissions

This web site is covered by a Creative Commons License which allows sharing of content as long as you credit me appropriately. No financial gain may be gotten from this site without my permission. Do not alter the work. All content which is not my own will have a credit to the original source.

Disclaimer template taken from Celiac and Allergy Adventures with permission.

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